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Car Polishing • Car Waxing • Car Care

γυάλισμα κέρωμα περιποίηση αυτοκινήτων
Crystal Clear since 1986, specialized in car polishing, car waxing, cleaning and car careImpeccable restore color and 5 years warranty only Crystal Clear guaranteed!
Cleaning of foreign bodies: paints, resins, scratches etc. We are confident that you will immediately change your mind about the painting and save lots of money.
We offer:

  • Car Polishing.
  • Car Waxing with Teflon – Titanium – Krytox.
  • Grinding – Polishing – Waxing – Skin exterior surface.
  • Maintenance – Polishing Care – plastic parts.
  • Maintenance – Polishing Care – rubber parts.
  • Reset colour car.
  • Repair car scratches.
  • We specialize in the cleaning and care of the outside of the car.

The car is for many of us our second home. We want to be always clean and beautiful. Unfortunately, because of the many obligations, there is no time available for care and maintenance. Also they need and the tools necessary for proper and complete cleaning. So in this area we take action!

Before you think we can paint your car or your bike, come and meet us, and making you a “FREE” demonstration.

 90% of our customers who had decided to paint their car after their acquaintance with Crystal Clear, their opinion changed immediately saving lot of money.

More photos you can see in our Gallery.


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